“At 27 years old, I required braces for the 2nd time in my life. After getting an initial consultation from an orthodontist recommending oral surgery (ouch!), I decided to get a second opinion and came across Dr. Chung. Not only did she say I didn’t need surgery, she said she could have me all fixed up and braces-free in a year! There was one caveat though, she would have to take out one tooth from my bottom front teeth to avoid surgery but she would be able to close the gap by the end of treatment. I said no problem! Boy did she keep her word, not only did she fix me up, my teeth never looked better! I continue to get compliments on my teeth daily and take heed of her advice, “wear your retainer, daily”
— Dip G.
San Francisco, CA

“I absolutely loved having Dr. Chung as my orthodontist. She truly cared about my case and paid close attention to detail throughout the treatment.”
— Robin Y.
San Mateo, CA

“Thank you Dr. Chung, I cannot describe in words how thankful I am; frequently people will comment me on my beautiful smile and teeth. During the entire process from start to finish, I felt that you treated me like family, could always be reached when I had concerns, reassured me, and was always very polite, and courteous. Thank you so much for giving me something that will last for the rest of my life.”
— Maggie L.
Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Chung was absolutely fun, patient and accommodating to work with! I am very satisfied with my orthodontic treatment! (=”
— Sammi T.
La Jolla, CA

“Communication was excellent throughout the treatment.”
— J.D.’s mother
Carrollton, TX

“They treated me well like family and tried to always make me comfortable and they DID make me comfortable.”
— J.S.
Frisco, TX

“10/10! Perfect! How friendly and hospitable all the people are! The brace process felt really personalized for me.”
— S.P.
Irving, TX